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CBIHP is a Cherokee history foundation located in Tahlequah Oklahoma, the capitol of the Cherokee Nation.  CBIHP seeks to preserve the legacy of Black Cherokee's past.  With an eye on the future, the Foundation's central goal is to generate public support to save the rich cultural heritage, historic artifacts and historical sites of  Black Cherokees. So everyone can be educated about this part of Cherokee History. 

Our approach is both creative and personal -- offering donors the opportunity to connect with and support unique projects of special interest to them and historical importance to Cherokees. The (CBIHP) Cherokees for Black History Preservation Foundation gives supporters the chance to truly make a difference and in the process, become a part of history.



Through programs, a museum, archives, publications, web tools, exhibits and people all across our nation, the Cherokees for Black Indian History Foundation will  tell the story of Black Cherokees to people of all ages. Your donations will make all this possible. Your help is needed to save history. PLEASE DONATE!